Teacher training Netherlands
CrossYoga and Yoga Alliance

Join us at our CrossYoga teacher training in Netherlands

8 day full time training November 2020 21th to 28th

This is a 100 hour training including reading in advance

As CrossYoga is a Yoga Alliance registered school, you'll be able to get an international 200RYT (Registered Yoga Trainer) certificate.  We also offer a low-cost, basic CrossYoga training (not Yoga Alliance) as this might be the first step for a lot of people. The training you read about here is the basic training. If you like to continue and get a 200RYT certificate, let us know.

What do I learn?


During the training you learn the following and more:

  • The origin and development of yoga
  • Meditation and various meditation techniques
  • Yoga anatomy - what does yoga do to the body and mind?
  • Christian theology and yoga philosophy
  • Ethics and good practice as a yoga instructor
  • CrossYoga - the story behind the network and vision for Europe
  • Going deep into yoga poses (asana) including seated and standing positions, forward bends, side bends, etc. There is a focus on good ‘body posture’ and we'll talk about how you guide others
  • Different types of yoga e.g. vinyasa, flow, power and yin yoga
  • The use of props likes blocks, chairs and straps
  • Yoga as a physical and partially mental therapy
  • To instruct a session with ‘hands-on assistance’
  • Introduction to children's yoga and senior yoga
  • To start your own team and develop you as a yoga instructor


You will receive instruction, but you will also have to teach and practice yourself in the instructor role during the course. You'll be able (also) to teach in your own language if there is a group from the same country.

Daily schedule

Breakfast 7am - 7.45am
Starting: 8am.
Lunch break: 12-1 am
Dinner break: 5.45pm - 7pm
Evening session: 7pm - 9pm

There is room for 12 participants. Sign up now to secure a space and safe some money!

You need to attend the whole training to get your certificate.


Registration deadline and prices for 2020:

  • Super early bird: Sign up no later that July 15th 1050€
  • Early bird. Sign up no later than September 10th: 1200€
  • After September 15th:  1350€

You are able to split the fee into 2 payments. Let me know what you prefer.

This amazing price include training, food and accommodation at the Yoga Loft. It is in a shared room with a few others and with a madress on the floor :-)  

You are also welcome to find a hotel near by!

To secure your space, you need to pay a deposit of €200. This is no refond on the deposite. Pay your deposit here:

The price does not include: Travle expences and purchace of books.

Financial Assistance:

If you are a student or otherwise in need of financial assistance, you can apply for a discount on the 200hr training.



The Yoga loft. Gildenweg 2, 1695 GD Blokker. Amsterdam.

CrossYoga is Christian yoga
Yoga in the church

"I can highly recommend this high quality teacher training. It gives you both competences to teach but also develops you as a person. This training is for you when either you dream about teaching yoga; want to know more about yoga for personal reasons or want to bring movement and meditation into your own spiritual life. The training has given me a lot - both on and off the yoga mat". (Charlotte)

Christian yoga teacher training

 "This training gave me knowledge about my body and the longings of my soul. I wanted to get ‘faith’ more into my everyday life and that I gain with CrossYoga. The training gave me peace and strength in body, soul and mind. The best thing I have done for my self in a long time." (Helene)

Dates and time:


8-day 100 hour training will take place November 21st to 28th 2020 in Blokker, south of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


We offer two kinds of instructor trainings:

1) CrossYoga instructor (100 hour - module 1)

2) CrossYoga 200RYT instructor (200 hour - module 2)


We spend 8 days together for an intensive 100 hour training (module 1). After this you only need to pass the final exam to get your CrossYoga certification. You are able to teach yoga after the 8 days!

If you want the 200hour certificate:

200RYT instructors will first atted the 100 hour training (module 1). After this you have to take another training about 9 extra days (module 2). After this and the final exam, you'll get the CrossYoga 200RYT certificate. (Dates for this training will come soon.)


What kind of training should I take?


The 8-day CrossYoga 100 hour training:

This amazing training is for you if you want to teach yoga once or twice during the week in your church or community center, or host a retreat once in a while. Teaching yoga is something you feel is meaningful but it is not the way you plan to earn your main income.


CrossYoga 200RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) - 2 modules:

CrossYoga 200RYT is for you if you have a vision of making  an income by teaching yoga, offering retreats, workshops, etc. With the 200RYT you get an internationally recognized training via Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance has requirements that must be followed in order for you to get the 200RYT certification, and therefore this training is  more expensive and more comprehensive.


It is possible to take the CrossYoga 100 hour training and then continue with module 2 - and become a 200RYT - after a year or so.

Meet Lead trainer Rie Skårhøj (E-200ryt) 

Rie is the leadtrainer. She is the founder of CrossYoga. She has taught at a number of trainings, teach yoga both in a church and in a regular fitnesscenter. Every year she offers retreats in Spain. The is also that author of the book: Andagter og meditationer med kroppen. (soon to be realised in Engslih)

Meet Co-teacher Hope Stockman (200ryt)
Hope serves as an International Regional Shepherd for the Holy Yoga Foundation and teaches classes in various outreach locations. Hope is a Master Holy Yoga Instructor. She holds several specialty certifications including CrossYoga, Children's Yoga, Chair Yoga, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, and Yoga Therapy through the Holy Yoga Training Center.
Hope was born in USA but lives in Brussels, Belgium with her husband and daughter.

 "The training was a starting point for me. I became much more fit and a more spiritual person. Rie is an incredible teacher and a wonderful person.
I was a bit nervous about the ‘faith’ part, but I think the Christian faith gave the teaching more depth and connected us closer to each other. It was a beautiful training". (Liv)

Ready to apply?


If not, please write a email to rie@crossyoga.org

If you are ready to take the next step towards your yoga journey, please clik here for the application page.

Books you need to buy and read prior to the training:

  • We hope to have our own 'CrossYoga Manual' ready by mid August 2020.
  • Teaching yoga (Mark Stephens)
  • Functional anatomy of yoga (David Keil)

There are some parts of 'Teaching yoga' you don't need to read:

  • Chapter 4
  • Page 249 -262
  • Page 293 -308
  • The appendix