Retreat Sweden

CrossYoga Spring retreat in Sweden

May 14th - 16th 2021

  • Long for time to relax and restore body, soul and spirit
  • Do you have a stressed everyday life?
  • Do you lose sight of the big picture or loose direction sometimes?
  • Do you need time to slow down, exhale and find yourself and God?

Unplug and invest a few days of your life into your well-being. A peaceful environment, Christ-centered yoga, beautiful walks, healthy food and community come together in this powerful retreat experience.
Come back home with new energy and maybe a new way of thinking and being.
At the retreat we will use CrossYoga as a physical way to pray and seek God. Christ-centered yoga makes it easier to listen and tune in, meditate, think and read.

Date and address
From May 14th to 16th 2021

Starting around 6pm and finish around 3pm

Address coming up soon.

At the retreat you’ll experience:

  • 2 CrossYoga sessions and meditations each day
  • Quiet time for 2 hours but also the opportunity for fellowship
  • Healthy meals and snacks each day
  • Forrest and beautiful quiet nature
  • Possibility to use sauna
  • The retreat will end with a beautiful meditation walk in the surrounding forest.

The price also includes:
 Bed sheets and towel .

Price for shared double room: 3000 SEK (or 282 Euro) pr. person.  
Price for single room: 3600 SEK (or 338 Euro) pr. person

Please let us know if you need to borrow a Yoga mat!

Payment and signing up:
You can either sign up through the webshop that you'll find here:  Sign up for the reteat

Or you can sign up by filling out the form below :-) 

Payment for the retreat is done before 1st of April 2020 though the webshop at If you need to do the payment later than that – please let us know!

If you sign up before 1 of December you will also get Rie Frilund Skårhøjs book Meditations and devotions with your body.

If you need to cancel your reservation no refund of the payment can be done 4 weeks before the retreat without a doctor’s certificate.

The yoga teacher
Rie Frilund Skårhøj from Denmark will guide you through CrossYoga. She is the founder of CrossYoga and hosts retreats, teacher trainings and more. 
She is an experienced teacher, so you are in safe hands when either you are experienced in yoga or new. She will teach a mix between slow and flow yoga.
Rie loves the Lord and have a heart for reaching people with Gods healing and love trough movement, prayer, Bible and meditation.

About CrossYoga
CrossYoga is Christian yoga. The purpose of CrossYoga is to seek God and his purpose with our life through postures and moves known from modern yoga.
In a CrossYoga class our practice and prayer is directed to God. You will be given the opportunity to surrender yourself, let go of stress and deepen your belief in Christ and the hope and love that he has given to us.
We use postural yoga as a tool to open body, soul and mind to Christ. In CrossYoga we believe that the only way to salvation is though Jesus Christ and the grace he won for us. We do not use Hindu or other Eastern religious philosophy in our classes.
The physical exercises will give you muscular strength, balance and flexibility as well as make you calm. The postures we use are no different from what one might know from modern hatha yoga, Vinyasa or Yin Yoga.

Contact and questions?
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email Viktoria Nordén at or give her a call at +46-763 23 42 43.

Or email Rie at

Rie Frilund Skårhøj

The reteat will be held in English and all nationalities are welcome!

Sign up here or use the webshop

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Double room
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