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CrossYoga in Norway

There are 5 CrossYoga instructors in Norway. Not all are yet having classes. 

Charlotte Fladvad is the CrossYoga leader in Norway.

She is teaching yoga on a regular basis in Oslo

She also holds courses in Trauma Sensitive Yoga for individuals and for employees in the Health Services.

Learn more about her classes here or email her:

Anne Julia Hagfors is a 200ryt CrossYoga instructor-.

She just started CrossYoga classes in her church.

Email for more information:

Yasmin Baggerød is both a CrossYoga and Holy Yoga instructor.

For information about her classes, look at her website:


CrossYoga i Oslo, Bøler kirke

CrossYoga PostNatal

For mødre med baby.

Mandager kl 10:45-11:45

Oppstart 23. mars

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CrossYoga Flow Intro

For nybegynner til litt øvet

Mandager kl 19:00-19:55

Oppstart 23. mars

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CrossYoga Flow

For litt øvet til øvet

Mandager kl 20:05-21:00

Oppstart 23 mars

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CrossYoga PreNatal,

For gravide

Privat-timer og mindre grupper etter avtale

Instruktør: Charlotte Fladvad

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