Meditative movements

Meditative Movements: Christ centered yoga with devotional prayer 

Maybe your world looks a bit like mine? "I’m bad at meditating because my thoughts are all over the place.....".

If this is the case, this book is for you!! It’s written for you, if you want to meditate but don’t want to spend hours and hours every week doing it. It’s written for you, if you long for more tangible and concrete elements in your prayer life. It’s written for you, if you long for God’s love but find it difficult getting it from the ‘head’ to the heart.

The book is very easy to use anywhere at any time. Each devotion follows the same structure:

  1. The devotion starts with slow movements - trying to get from mind-chatter into calmness as you focus on breath and movement. There are both easy and advanced sequences you can use for 3 to 15 minutes. When you are ready, you can continue and read a prayer and a short passage from the Bible.
  2. Next step is the ‘Interlude’ where you are invited fx to engage your body, place your hands on your chest or lean into a wall or picture something with your eyes closed. All this to emphasize the theme and let faith and prayer become tangible.
  3. If you want to try meditation, you can finish with ‘breath meditations’ or ‘mantras’ on Bible verses.

I welcome you to use any or all of the steps of the devotions that make sense to you!   I hope that your heart will be blessed by the readings and this completely new way of opening body, soul and mind to God.

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Download all the routines and sequences from the back end of the book 

Routine 1 (Light)

Routine 5 (Light to medium)

Routine 9 (Medium)

Routine 13 (Hard) 

Routine 2 (Light)

Routine 6 (Medium)

Routine 10 (Medium to Hard) 

Routine 3 (Light to medium)

Routine 7 (Medium)

Routine 11 (Medium to Hard) 

Routine 4 (Light to medium)

Routine 8 (Medium)

Routine 12 (Medium to Hard)