CrossYoga Christian yoga

What is CrossYoga and what do we believe?

The purpose of CrossYoga is to seek God and his purpose with our life through postures and moves known from modern yoga.


In a CrossYoga class our practice is directed to God. You will be given the opportunity to surrender yourself, let go of stress and deeping your belief in Christ and the hope and love that he has given to us.  We use postural yoga as a tool to open body, soul and mind to Christ. In CrossYoga we believe that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ and the grace he won for us. We do not use Hindu or other Eastern religious philosophy in our classes.


The physical exercises will give you muscelar strength, balance and flexibelity as well as make you calm. The postures we use are no different from what one might know from modern hatha yoga, Vinyasa or Yin Yoga.

CrossYoga is a European organisation or network.


What does a typical CrossYoga class look like?


A typical CrossYoga class lasts for one hour and falls under one of the following categories:


  • CrossYoga Intro   (for people new to yoga)
  • CrossYoga Slow  (yoga where we stay at least five breath in each posure. Can be both challangeing or soft)
  • CrossYoga Flow  (dynamic yoga where slide from position to position using our breath as a guideline)
  • CrossYoga Power  (a bit like flow, but more challeing for your strength, as some positions can be hard)


CrossYoga also offers chairyoga, yoga for teens and yoga if you are new to yoga.

Have a look at all the online classes at Youtube: CrossYoga Europe


As for what we do

We start with a reflection or inspiration, for example over a Bible verse, poem or an existential theme. The instructor will also say a prayer. Then follow postural yoga, where you safely guides through the various positions.


In between the postures the instructor may encourage you to meditate on the theme given at the beginning of the class. The instructor can ask questsions or read a repeat a small prayer or Bibel vers when you are in a resting pose. Some instructors use christian music to sharpen the focus.

We always end the class with a meditation laying down on our mats.


CrossYoga has grown out of 'Yogafaith', which is an American variant of CrossYoga.