Mini training

We would love to come to your place and host this workshop


If you are already a trained yoga instructor, you can also become a CrossYoga instructor. You'll learn how to theme a class and make it a Christ centred class.


If you are not a certified instructor, you are most welcome to join this workshop and join those parts that makes sense to you.

The 10 hour training & workshop include

  • 2  CrossYoga master classes
  • What is Christian Yoga / Crossyoga?
  • Presentation and discussion about the relationship between yoga philosophy and Christianity. Are there yoga practises that we do not use in CrossYoga? Why and why not?
  • Learning about variations meditations. You learn different tools fx how to use your voice and get acquainted with both biblical mantra meditations, short and long visual meditations, body scans, theme meditations etc.
  • Presentations and discussion: How do you theme a Christian yoga time using various tools such as Bible verses, prayer, meditation, music, questions, etc.
  • Yoga history and evolution.
  • At bit about hands on assists or other topics depending on what questions that arises
  • Time to practise. Participants instruct each other and test the things we have talked about.


If you are an instructor and would like a certification :

After completing the training, you must make a video at home or otherwise demonstrate

that you have understood and can use what you have leaned. (Some kind of mini-exam). After this you'll will receive a CrossYoga certificate.



The course costs 350€ (or 2500 d. kr /

For those that would like a certificate, there will be some reading material Danish (and english). You'll get this in an email in February.

The price includes one year's membership of CrossYoga ie. Access to online resources for instructors, posters, postcards, for example '. (Value 450


Would you like to join, but not an instructor, you can attend the workshop for 140€.


More pratical information

The training will take place in Osloe (adress will come)

We meet Friday at 5pm (17) and finish at 9pm

Saturday we meet from 9am to 3 pm.


Please bring your own food. We'll make sure that there is coffee, the and snacks.

Teaching at the training

Rie Frilund Skårhøj (E-200ryt) the founder and leader of CrossYoga is  lead trainer.

Rie is teaching together with CrossYoga instructor (200ryt) Charlotte Faltvad - leader of CrossYoga Norway.


INTERESTED or have questions?

Sign up for the training / workshop by writing an email to

or to


SUBMISSION deadline........

Please include the following information when you sign up:

  1. Name, adress and email
  2. Are you a yoga instructor / or are you joining the training as a workshop?
  3. Experince with yoga?
  4. Any injuries that we need to know about as it influence your yoga practice?


There is space for no more than 16 people, so sign up now if you wanna secure your space.